Welcome World!

Welcome World! I am an Application Developer - option Python


Application Developer - option Python, I told you, don't you remember?
My job is to create softwares, I do code almost all day long. Even if I am a python specialist, this is not the only language I do use. As example, for this blog, I planned to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. But that's too much time, then I choosed pelican, a static website generator wrote in... Python! That mean, I write every article using a markdown editor then using black magic I generate a whole website from them using my favorite language: python :-). That describes my daily job I guess.
Websites are not the only domain where I can act, I can also act for desktop applications or many more domains.
Be a Python specialist doesn't mean I can only code in Python, on my side I ever used kotlin, java, c, c++, delphi, microsoft visual basic, restructured text, html5, css, javascript for the web, javascript for node.js, SQL, ORMs and many more on demand!


Why become a developer... that is the question... I always wrote softwares, from youth to now.
I enjoy creating things and helping people or companies growing up.
I also learnt many things extra programming, such as how people work or what may help them to improve their life.


There are many ways and many paths. I chose the one of online courses ending with a real diploma. That spend a year, but that's very interesting.
This way I can fix and improve my existing skills, learn some new and finally become a real developer made by and for the internet :-P.

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